"If you want a Boutique Hotel that’s in touch with its creative side,
then this is your place."

Tablet Hotels

"Baltazar is a Family owned urban resort located in the
World Heritage historic city centre of Budapest The Buda Castle, within close range to all important sites and
neighborhoods of the town."

International Magazine of Space Design | BOB

"Baltazár's wine bar and grill restaurant
is popular with locals as well as guests."


"Baltazár is one of the city's best upscale options."


"This small hotel of just 11 rooms is owned by the Zsidai Family,
who has been leading restaurateurs in the city
for more than 30 years."

The Telegraph

Best Small Hotel in Hungary - Award-Winning Hotel

TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice 2017, 2016, 2015

"Adjacent to the hotel, Baltazár Grill offers “gourmet street food” sourced from sustainable and flavor-conscious farms."


"A little-known gem at a prime location,
close to all the historic sights yet in a peaceful neighborhood"

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Blackboard specials from 13th October

Celery veloute with chips 1650

Veal tartare with truffles  3888




Beef ravioli "vadas" style  4280

Cod fillet with sea-grass, pumpkin and hollandaise  6520




Peanut butter and chocolate chip mousse with salted caramel ice-cream  1980



Blackboard specials from 15th September

Porcini velouté with grilled porcini 2180

Aubergine tartar with goat cheese and toast 2190




Rosé duck breast with beetroot and pak choi 5180

Homemade tagliatelle with porcini 4960




Fig with ricotta and pistachio 1770


Blackboard specials from 10th August

Chilled tomato soup with ham and smoked quail egg 1720

Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes 2860


Spinach risotto with grilled salmon  6740

Pork fillet & lecho with squash 3820


Cold cottage cheese dumpling with plum 1780

Blackboard specials from 13th July

Rich lamb soup with sour cream 3560

Cauliflower pannacotta  with smoked duck breast 2120


Tender Duroc pork chop with squash pottage 4320

Confit duck leg with cabbage pasta 4980


Apricot and mascarpone cream 1680


Blackboard specials from 14th June

Chilled paprika soup with basil and cucumber sorbet 1760

Crispy squid with aioli 3980


Homemade porcini tagliatelle 4320

Tender Duroc pork chop with pearl potatoes and green beans 4830


Floating island 1880


Blackboard specials from 14th May

Spring asparagus velouté 1880

Juicy duck rolls with cracklings  3680

wine pairing:

Figula, Bella Róza ’16 1580/ 0.125l


Chicken supreme with cauliflower pure  4820

wine pairing:

Somlói Apátsági, Juhfark ‘15 1820/ 0.125l

Grilled salmon steak with asparagus and hollandaise  6740

 wine pairing:

Attila, Chardonnay ‘13 2040/ 0.125l


Lemon cake with raspberry sorbet  1880

Blackboard specials from 11th March

Fresh spinach cream soup with poached egg 1820

Bone marrow with paprika salsa and toast 2420
wine pairing: Figula, Bella Róza ’16 1580/ 0.125l


Spring green pea pottage with fried chicken leg 3240
wine pairing: SAP, Juhfark ’15 1820/ 0.125l

Slow braised pork ribs with BBQ and triple cooked potatoes 3620

wine pairing: Balla, Sziklabor Kadarka ‘13 1760/ 0.125l


Strawberry panna cotta 1480

Blackboard specials from 9th March

Cauliflower soup with semolina dumplings 1720

Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese 3280
wine pairing: Figula, Bella Róza ’16 1580/0.125l


Grilled leg of rabbit in vegetable sauce with steamed dumplings  3820
wine pairing: Hollóvár, Hárslevelű ’13 1720/0.125l

Hungarian risotto with braised pork cheek  4920
wine pairing: Hummel, Portugieser ’15 1460/ 0.125l


Hot cottage cheese dumplings with sweet sour cream  1680

Blackboard specials from 3rd February

Cream of broccoli with roasted almonds 1720


Grilled octopus with mashed potatoes 2760
wine pairing: Hollóvár Hárslevelű ‘13 1720 / 0.125l

Tripe stew with trotters 3820
wine pairing: Balla Sziklabor Kadarka ‘13 1760 / 0.125l

Spanish fish ragout with homemade bread 4760
wine pairing: Barta Pince, Furmint 2360 / 0.125l


Crispy donuts with homemade apricot jam 1680

Blackboard specials from 8th January

Lentil soup with sausage stuffed ravioli 1720

Home smoked duck breast salad 3060
wine pairing: Hollóvár Hárslevelű ‘13 1720 / 0.125l

Pork shank with sauerkraut 4260
wine pairing: Balla Sziklabor Kadarka ‘13 1760 / 0.125l

Grilled salmon steak with beetroot risotto 6480
wine pairing: Figula Bella Róza ‘16 1580 / 0.125l


Soft cheesecake with sour-cherry sorbet 1890


We are really proud of Baltazar's TripAdvisor
Best Travellers' Choice Award in small hotel categorie - 4th time in a row this year.
The satisfaction of our guests is the most important factor in our family business thus this award is very close to our heart.

Don't forget: our other boutique hotel in Buda Castle, Pest-Buda Hotel awaits for you too.

Advent blackboard specials from 1st December

Silky pumpkin soup with sautéed pumpkin seeds 1880

Duck liver brulée with quince compote 3190
wine pairing: Von Beöthy, Rózsakő 2016 1720 / 0.125l


Breaded catfish with Viennese potato salad  3420
wine pairing: Hollóvár Hárslevelű 2013 1720 / 0.125l

Venison loin with grilled vegetables and cranberries 7280
wine pairing: Pósta Merlot 2013 1820 / 0.125l


Sticky date cake with clementine sorbet  1820


New Years Eve at Baltazár


St. Martin's day feast

Rich goose soup with liver stuffed semolina dumplings  1880

Panko crusted goose gizzards with leek- aioli dip  2180


Grilled goose breast with liver foam and brussels sprout  4280

Venison stew with steamed dumplings  4680


Chestnut mousse with sour cherry sorbet  1820

Above meals ordered as a 3-course menu include a specialty coffee or Dilmah tea. Its price is 8860 HUF.

Blackboard specials from 1st October

Jerusalem artichoke velouté with crispy sausage chips  1880 

Chicken stew served in pancake topped with paprika souce   2260


Calf meatloaf with savoy cabbage pottage  4860 

Salmon with beetroot and creamy pumpkin puree 5260 


Mille feuille with pear  1820 


Above meals ordered as a 3-course menu include a specialty coffee or Dilmah tea. Its price is 8860 HUF.


Chiara Ferragni's (world famous Italian fashion influencer, blogger and fashion designer) team, the TBS Crew visited us in May and they were absolutely amazed by Budapest. Read more about their trip here.



We are very proud that we are among the recommended restaurants by Michelin Guide for the third time in a row.


We are really proud of Baltazar's TripAdvisor
Best Travellers' Choice
 Award in small hotel categorie - 3rd time in a row this year.
The satisfaction of our guests is the most important factor in our family business thus this award is very close to our heart.

Don't forget: our other boutique hotel in Buda Castle, Pest-Buda Hotel awaits for you too.


Baltazar has been chosen as The Best Small Hotel on Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award, twice on a row. It goes to Baltazar's team, the best team in town for sure. Thank you!

Looking for a job in gastronomy or hospitality? Join our team. Send your CV to karrier@zsidai.com.



Having guest from abroad or from the countryside? The smart luxury boutique hotel, Baltazar with its 11 rooms accomodates your guests. Make their stay special for your wedding.

#1 hotel in Budapest

We are so proud to be the best hotel in Budapest on Tripadvisor. Thank you very much to our guests for the amazing reviews that landed us at this unbelievable position.
Thank you very much for being The Best Small Hotel in Travellers' Choice 2015, it is such a great honour for a hotel that opened the gates in July 2013.


Baltazár Hungarian Grill is our latest gastronomic adventure based on sharing and tasting, high quality ingredients, simplicity and the world's best hand made charcoal grill, the Josper of Catalunya, Spain. Romantic cobble stoned terrace, playful atmosphere and unique design. Honest and authentic ingredients prepared to perfection in our handmade Josper charcoal grill by one of the country's most decisive chefs, Mr. Zsolt Litauszki and his team. Hungarian grill dishes, gourmet street food, food for sharing, serious meats, great vegetarian options. Simple, yet creative dishes.

We take pride in the ingredients and equipment we use in our kitchen.

- Beef: we prefer cuts true connoisseurs value the most but might be unknown to many. USDA Prime beef from Dakota Dunes, South Dakota and 21 days dry

aged beef from Styria, Austria. Both perfectly grilled in our Josper charcoal grill.

- Pork: we use dry aged duroc pork from Styria, Austria and duroc pork from Hungary. This breed is originated in America and we have found it to be very consistent in its high quality. It loves our grill.

- Duck: liver and thigh come from our family supplier in Southeast Hungary

- Chicken: we only use Hungarian free range chicken that is especially bred for our restaurant on a small farm in Southwest Hungary

- Sauces, jams: we take pride of using our home made sauces and jams that we prepare in the season from the same high quality ingredients we use in the kitchen.

- The famed Spanish Josper Grill: the hottest indoor double ventilated closed door charcoal grill found in the kitchens of some of the world's top chefs including Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay. We only use the highest quality charcoal from Argetina to fire our grill.

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